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Sydney B.
id: 97837
(Age 15)
Location: sanmateo
Language: Java
App Name: Flappy Bird
Description: A remix of flappy bird. Avoid the pipes. Use the space bar to make the bird go up
Beck L.
id: 97864
(Age 14)
Location: paloalto
Language: Java
App Name: Multilevel Inheritance (Cars)
Description: In this app we have three classes – Car, Sedan and Sedan2020. We have done a Multilevel hierarchy setup - So, in this case class Sedan2020 is implicitly inheriting the properties and methods of class Car along with class Sedan.
Timothy C.
id: 97914
(Age 14)
Location: farmington
Language: C# (Unity)
App Name: Weird Adventures
Description: In the game that Tim and I have been working on recently, we have been creating an adventure where Weird has to save Dr. Phill from being kidnapped by Number1. We have multiple scenes that we chase Number1 through, and inside of a castle you have to battle him in order to rescue Dr. Phill. While in combat, you have to move forward to collide and deal damage to Number1, but also moving back to avoid damage from him as well! It is a struggle between memes, and even once Number1 is defeated, will it be the end? Is there ever an end to the memes? Since the last App Review we added quite a lot more levels, each with a different mechanic that Tim wanted to implement. He had a lot of fun playing it, and using as many meme references as possible.
Timothy B.
id: 97916
(Age 14)
Location: glastonbury
Language: C# (Unity)
App Name: 2D Sidescroller
Description: Tim has been working on this 2D platformer for a while now and has been trying to perfect it as much as possible. Instead of just adding in new programming concepts like we were doing before, we have changed gears into learning how to perfect the programming concepts that we have already started to learn. For example, on the the things that bothered Tim about the game was how the physics interacted with the players and enemies, so we learned how to customize the Rigidbodies and get into more advanced collision detections. Next we also learned about how to perfect the jump and damage calculations by adding in some delays in both of them. All in all Tim seems to be enjoying it quite a lot. But we may have to sacrifice some of the perfectionism in order to get more lessons in for his learning.
Glenn K.
id: 97919
(Age 13)
Location: northsandiego
Language: Javascript
App Name: clock
Description: Create a clock on a webpage using JavaScript and updates in real time.
Ruby R.
id: 97950
(Age 10)
Location: cary
Language: Javascript
App Name: Fly Trap
Description: Fly Trap is a fun micro game where you play as a frog and try to catch as many flies as you can. You get one point for each fly. If the fly gets away from you or you git struck by a falling lilypad, the game is over. Have fun with this game written in JavaScript and hosted on
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