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Viktor M. (Age 11)
Location: paloalto
Language: Javascript
App Type: Game
App Name: Gravity Pong
Description: This game was written in html/css/javascript. It is mostly in javascript. The controls for left paddle: w-up s-down d-push right The controls for the
Jake and Rachel G. (Age 13)
Location: sanjose
App Type: Mobile App
App Name: Right Meal For You
Description: We built a meal-tracking app called FoodTracker. This app shows a list of meals, including a meal name, rating, and photo. A user can add, remove, or
Ambrose W. (Age 6)
Location: sanjose
Language: Scratch
App Type: Game
App Name: Soccer Game
Description: This is an example of a "breakthrough" style game effect, where a ball smashes through a wall. #Scratch, #Breakthrough
Brad C. (Age 13)
Location: cupertino
Language: Python
App Type: Just for Fun
App Name: Snowman Drawing App
Description: Drawing application in Tk Turtle
Mason L. (Age 9)
Location: sanfrancisco
Language: Scratch
App Type: Game
App Name: ROBert the ROBber runner
Description: Run away from the police! Move left and right to dodge the cars and turtles
Christopher M. (Age 13)
Location: sanmateo
Language: Python
App Type: Game
App Name: Hangman - Python
Description: Hangman in Python, using
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