2016 IAYCE Year of Code App Submission Form

Hey, Coder! IAYCE is growing, and we're excited to get your app submissions! Remember, your app must be reachable by a URL for it to be included. Or, if you'd like you can also just create a video explaining your app (keep it to 1 minute please), and submit the YouTube link. Once submitted, you'll be in our database and (if you click enough times), be shown in our App Gallery for the world to see!

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URL (Be sure to include "http://" - copy/paste works best!)

Note, if you are submitting a video, upload to youtube and paste in the link from
your browser bar (e.g.,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aWdg4Khatw)

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App Description

Before you Submit, be sure to preview your URL above!

(p.s. - if you're looking for your app icon in the gallery, give us about a day before it shows up. We have to manually create it, ghetto-style!)