Hanna Sun (Age 11) from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
App Name: Jeffy
Description: Made with Javascript, this is a 3D programming project which allows "Jeffy" to move 3-dimensionally on the screen. Try it out!

Ivander Iswahyudi (Age 13) from Jakarta, Indonesia
App Name: Space Venture
Description: Story about space adventure made in Scratch

Arkka Dhanendra (Age 13) from Jakarta, Indonesia
App Name: Fighting Game
Description: A fighting game between Scratch Cat & Bear using key board actions.

Rasak Ojelade (Age 11) from Lagos, Nigeria., Nigeria
App Name: Scratch
Description: Get the cheese game.

Ryan Sutherland (Age 9) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: AFL
Description: This is an Australian Football League video motion two player game. Make sure you and your friend are 2-3 meters away from your computer, and your web cam is on. Move in order to score goals. Enjoy!

Catherine Morrison (Age 12) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: Australian Quiz
Description: This is a quiz game about Australia. It is designed as a citizenship test - if you ever decide to become an Australian citizen you will need to sit one. This quiz game will help you to get ready for this test! Enjoy.