Diogo Sanchez (Age 11) from Sao Paulo, Brazil
App Name: Undertale vs Charmander
Description: What would happen if we found a Undertale boss that look much alike a good poke friend of ours?

Funmilayo Akingba (Age 10) from Lagos, Nigeria., Nigeria
App Name: Scratch
Description: This animation was a project built by some students of Emerald school, Lagos, Nigeria.

Mateo Smith (Age 10) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: Alien Brawl
Description: I tried to make an arcade game. Use arrow keys to move, space to shoot, and enjoy!

Dante Maynard (Age 9) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: Australian Soccer Video Game
Description: This is a two player video motion game. In order to play - you and your friend need to step 2-3 meters away from a computer, make sure your web cam is on, and use your hands, head and body to move a ball and score goals. Good luck!

Ryan Sutherland (Age 9) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: AFL
Description: This is an Australian Football League video motion two player game. Make sure you and your friend are 2-3 meters away from your computer, and your web cam is on. Move in order to score goals. Enjoy!

Portia Paranchi (Age 8) from Sydney, Australia
App Name: Australian Tennis
Description: This is a musical tennis game. You play vs computer. Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to control the left piano keyboard. It is hard, but you can win this game!